run by mutu thompson

The Emperor is on his sickbed, unable to even attend tonight's banquet (and probably too paranoid anyway). Even the quadruple dose of mercury isn't helping him now. He was too paranoid and easy to manipulate to kill, but now that he's days away from dying and not worth assassinating, it's time for the old ways again. Time for everyone to start murdering their way to the top again; all within the rules of etiquette of course. Everyone here is probably a target for someone, and everyone a potential threat to someone. But breaking the rules is as good as signing your own death warrant because that would void their protection for you. This is an invitation only royal banquet, after all. At the same time, there is still an empire to run and someone has to do it. Some of the top hopefuls would be truly terrible at it, foreign powers are trying to assert their influences, and rumours and personal agendas abound.
A semi-historical LARP, set in an 'alternative' 11th century Chinese forbidden city during the (fictional) Hung dynasty. Most of the 'interesting' game aspects are actually historical, just not all at the same time.
Content warning: Messing with people's drinks is a major part of this game! If you don't want someone putting things in your drink or maybe putting things in others' drinks, this game is not for you (it's all about murder, not anything worse). Strict rules of etiquette including people being made to drink even if they don't want to (ooc it'll all be non-alcoholic of course, and the intoxication will be hand-waved in game). Themes of murder and violent intentions etc as you'd expect.

Game Details
Session: 3
Number of Players: 15-18
Restriction: Note the content warning below
Genres: drama, historical