run by donna giltrap

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Inheritance is a family melodrama set in 10th Century Denmark. Grandfather had lived a long life—perhaps a bit too long.He was a successful viking, an advisor to the king and ultimately a wealthy man. He settled, raised a family and enjoyed his grandchildren. As grandfather grew older and more frail, he came to fear death…and the Hell that beckoned. So, as a good son, Thorvald arranged a proper death for his father. The families dug up some old unpaid weregeld, summoned all of the young men—cousins, nephews, etc.—and took to the field to settle the debt. Grandfather himself was sat in a cart, his sword lashed to his hand. At a signal, the families joined in battle and Tyr himself strode up to Grandfather and delivered the fatal blow. Grandfather died in battle; to Valhalla he goes.
Now the family have gathered to celebrate his funeral, followed by the reading of the will. However, Thorvald's son Daxo, who was exiled for murder has also returned...

Game Details
Session: 3
Number of Players: 9
Genres: drama, romance, historical
Costume: 10th century Viking