run by amber coste

You’ve been planning this raid for a while now. OmniTech has been doing animal testing for too long and it’s time someone did something about it. Today’s the day, but there’s been a tragic accident; Sam, the leader of the group, was in a car crash just a few hours ago and was killed. You’ve all decided to carry on with the raid in honour of Sam and because it’s the right thing to do, but their death has divided the group - who’s the leader now? What, if anything, needs to change about the mission? Can you even do the raid with Sam not there? Can you trust your fellow group members?

BFF’s is a game about trust, morals, ethics, and the grey areas that we all live in. It (obviously) contains themes of animal testing, and may have other sensitive topics.

Game Details
Session: 2
Number of Players: 8
Restriction: Content Warning: Animal Lab Testing
Genres: drama, espionage, personal