run by simon ashby

Unfortunately due to low numbers this game has been cancelled.

The game is set in 1919, on New Year's Eve, at a party in an opulent country estate. Characters will be made at the start of the game, including creating relationships and secrets, and determining who will be the killer. There will also be an opportunity to decide on any themes that people wish to exclude from the game - this will be done anonymously, with no need to explain why. You will also have the opportunity to exclude yourself from being the killer or victim.

Once the game begins everyone will play for the first hour gossiping and drinking, until a toast is called and the victim dies. Then the game will break so that the Victim's player can return as the Uninvited Guest - someone people know but was not invited to the party - and so that we can determine who will make the Denouement. Play continues until it is time for one character to make the Denouement - where they go through everyone's motives and make a public accusation of who they believe conducted the murder (they do not have to be right). Afterwards, characters have a chance to disagree, the accused can make an impassioned speech declaring their innocence, and finally the police are called. Note that the focus of this game is on character's secrets and relationships as much as (or more than) who actually committed the crime.

Because characters are created at the start of the game, there will be no character sheets sent out beforehand. We suggest bringing some period-appropriate costuming, with one or two optional accessories. We are happy to answer any other questions you have before then, but otherwise this should be all you need to know before the game.

Game Details
Session: 1
Number of Players: 5-10
Genres: drama, romance, espionage, comedy, personal, historical