run by jen hay

Unfortunately due to low numbers this game has been cancelled.

The year is 2198. Humans have been traversing the vast expanse of space for 50 years.

The pride and joy of the United Earth fleet were the Titan class space vessels. Primarily designed for research and diplomatic missions, these elegant yet dependable craft are easily recognized across the galaxy. Bringing aid to those in need and continuing Earth's mission to explore new worlds and new life.

For 20 years the SS Prometheus was the most advanced Titan class science vessel. Her crew were welcomed across all known corners of the galaxy. With Captain James Robinson at her helm it seemed Prometheus could do no wrong. Now with the unveiling of the top of the line O-class craft, Prometheus’s glory days must finally come to an end.

The Final Voyage of the SS Prometheus is the second game in the One Giant Leap Series by Samantha Nicholls and Jen Hay. No prior knowledge of previous games is necessary.

Game Details
Session: 5
Number of Players: 7-15
Restriction: Content Warnings: Terminal Illness, Brainwashing, Romance
Genres: sci fi, drama