run by stuart stoddart

It is the distant future of the year 2020. Twenty years ago, the United States government collapsed and was bought out by an alliance of the world’s largest corporations. Now the Corporate Union of America is divided into companies and subsidiaries, not states. There are no police, only private security. There is no government, only a board of directors.

In Neo York City the rich live in their high towers while patrol drones protect company assets, but those living on the streets must fight to survive and there is no law other than what the city’s gangs enforce. Tonight the most powerful gangs meet on neutral ground, sending their best members to negotiate. One of them has just discovered something that could allow them to change the game, striking a blow against their corporate overlords. But it will require them to put aside old differences and work together. And if they can’t, it could bring them to all-out war.

2020: Gangs of Neo York is a larp set in the alternate dystopian future of 80’s sci-fi movies. It takes inspiration from Blade Runner, The Warriors, Escape from New York, the Running Man and many more.

Game Details
Session: 4
Number of Players: 25-35
Genres: cyberpunk
Costume: Cyberpunk