run by matt swain

On the banks of the River Seine in Paris is the Hotel D'Etoile, with a casino named the Casino Fatale. Rumour has it that the casino is connected to the mysterious underworld character 'Mr X'. No one seems to know exactly who the elusive Mr X is, or what he looks like – and there are many people who would love to know. Among those trying to find Mr X are Interpol, the local police, the local organized crime family, and the agents of several countries in which Mr X is believed to operate. Tonight, however, a charity auction is being held at Casino Fatale and it has drawn all sorts to the casino – playboys, starlets, maybe even a jewel thief… Who will you play?

At Casino Fatale you will discover the following:

- Who is the 'Black Panther'?
- Why should you be very careful with your jewellery?
- Who killed scientist Dr Havelott, and where are his plans for a nuclear device?
- Who is the mysterious 'Mr X'?
- Can Donovan Jones really write poetry?
- …and is the casino really up for sale?

Find out in Casino Fatale!

Game Details
Session: 4
Number of Players: 15-30
Genres: comedy, drama, espionage