run by no name

The King is dead and five knights pay homage to His pyre. Around them whisper the voices of the People under the Mountain– an ancient enemy, shrouded in dark-ness, the hand behind the downfall of the Kingdom. Yet the King’s body bears no marks made by fang or claw: It was a blade that struck him down. Did one of the knights truly commit the ultimate betrayal? Or will their loyalty shine bright, a beacon of hope in the darkness under the Mountain?

Under the Mountain is a larp by Oscar Biffi from the Crescendo Giocoso collection. It strives to recreate an epic, chivalric feeling without the use of spells, monsters or great battles. A chamber heroic fantasy, where grief twists the tales of a glorious past to give form to the King’s memory: Even though no single player will portray Him alone, His character is far from absent. The whispers of the People under the Mountain, eager to pit the Knights against each other, pose an unforeseen threat to their devotion to the code of chivalry.

The game uses prewritten characters and a flashback mechanic.

Game Details
Session: 1
Number of Players: 6
Genres: drama, fantasy, nordic