The first annual Cerberus Larp Convention, Dunedin, 21-23 April 2017


Game selection is now CLOSED —  by admin

Game selection is closed, but don't despair!

You! Yes you! You've seen all these amazing games, and you want to play, but man is that price tag just too much! Well then, have I got the deal for you. Step right up! For ONE WEEK ONLY (offer expires Monday 26 March) we're offering LUCKY DIP entrance to Cerberus! For $40 (no discounts apply, add an extra $20 if you want to sample the delicious delicious food) you can play in any number of games, up to 6! All entrants will receive Lucky Dips as their game choices - come along and play!

(This means you will be assigned into games that have spaces available. Game selection is now closed)

$40 or $60 for an entire weekend's entertainment folks! It can't be beat!

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